Friday, 9 January 2009

New Start!

Hi there!
Last year I started LBOE booklet and promo bags to advertise others on etsy. I gave these out to everyone who either showed interest in art etc. or bought something from my stall. I received all positive feed back and also most said they will have a look at the shops online *fingers crossed that you guys made some new customers*I started off with 20 sellers at the start of 2008 but the last time I did this for the christmas eddittion and i got around 80 sellers!
So this year Easter is no too far away and is useally great for craft fayres etc. so I hope to continue it on. I have got a blog here: which is a bit bare at the moment due to the christmas holidays and also other personal reasons but I wish to continue to help advertise you guys once again but this time in a slightly different, eye catching way (and maybe slightly easier way as well).At the craft fayres me and my mum also collected money for charity, CMA which is a heart charity. We collect money in memory of my best friend and we are collecting money by showing our giant rabbit but also we started doing lucky dips last year and it went down a storm! so I saw a great oppertunity to bring LBOE into a different light.
Im serching for any number of promos etc. that are suitable for all ages that people are happy for me to use for the lucky dips and by having your etsy address attached to the item/s it'll help advertise your shop at the same time. It doesn't have to be from your shop and could be a suitabkle item with a 'donated by .....' sticker.
If you wish to find out more about CMA please visit here: also to find out what we have currently raised and check out all the news paper clippings to make sure we are collecting for a 100% genuine charity (please do!) please check out Ginny's Online Burrow here: also she is featured on CMA official website:
Please let me know if you wish to get involved and also any feedback/ideas are very welcome
Thank you guys for your over whelming support of LBOE so far!


pennydog said...

I'd like to get involved this year. Hope you're keeping well, not spoken for a while.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently working on something :) will give you a bell -artbymimi

cloudhopping said...

I'd like to get involved too