Tuesday, 9 September 2008

My Interview With RuJu!

Little bit about me:My name is erin and I'm a 25 year old mother of two crazy kids. I used to work full time in an office, but when my free babysitter (a.k.a. mom) decided she couldn't handle my munchkins full time anymore I was forced (whoa is me) to cut back to part time. At the time I was also using my traveling photo studio to take pictures of other peoples munchkins in their homes. I love photography and was able to make a bit of extra cash to cover what I wasn't making in my office job. Sadly it still wasn't enough income. So I decided 'hey! I'm crafty!'. I went up to the attic and pulled out my sewing machine and serger. I found them a semi-permanent home in the kids play room and set up shop.

This brings me to how I started my etsy shop:Once my machines were cozy in their new environment I started creating. I thought long and hard about what would sell. Mom gave me the advice of anything to do with kids. I laid in bed that night brainstorming. It had to be something that no one else sells. Somehow the idea of the "Hook N Go" popped into my head. It was like a stroke of genious! The next day I made a prototype (which I use) and a pattern and got started. After a few weeks of none selling I thought I should maybe broaden my horizon a little. So I made some childrens and womens clothing. A few applique childrens outfits, a womens skirt, and some others. One of the skirts I made happened to fit my daughter....and she claimed it as soon as it was finished. I no longer make things in her size when she is around. :)

Latest Product:More recently I have been making purses/bags. When I was pregnant with my first child (now almost 5) I would sit in my bedroom all day long and sew bags. I never sold any....I never really tried. I just liked making them. Different shapes, sizes, colors. I decided a couple weeks ago that I would give it a go for real this time. My grandparents are in the middle of a move, and my memaw (grandma) is a seamstress like me and had boxes upon boxes of fabric with no home. I gladly took some of the fabric (who wouldn't!), took myself to the store for some zippers and created a bunch of new bags for my shop.

What sparks an idea:Oh boy, my mind is always in a gazzilion different places at once. Pretty much anything can spark an idea for me, a color, a texture, a word, a place. My most recent spark..... I use only canvas bags when shopping, so we have no plastic bags to line the bathroom trash can. The fam went to dollar general to get some things that we needed for the house and my husband bought some blue trash can liners (he's in charge of the household trash). They were so pretty. So, now I'm working on crocheting them together to make a reusable plastic bag bag. I bought a roll of the white too and plan to weave it in on the front of the bag to say 'reuse'.


RuJu said...

Hey! Thanks so much for featuring me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great interview! Wonderful, unique products.