Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Recruting Members

Hi guys
Im currently recruting more members to take part in the xmas special edition of LBOE. Please scroll down to view the last LBOE booklets and bags for examples of what it could look like. please email me at etsy if you are interested in taking part. Looking for &/or promos. espcially anything xmasy! yep, i know. sorry guys. summers coming to an end and it's time to think of christmas ;)
dead line: 31st of october.


Anonymous said...

I will send you some cards for this to the usual address and possibly some more promos!

nicedaydesigns said...

How do I get involved in that? Is it like sampler where I just send you a certain number of cards? How many would you need and whats the closing date? I'll be making my xmas cards soon,and I also have badges I give away free,I could throw some of them in too.

Anonymous said...

hi :)
I ask sellers for about 20 and then if they wish, any promos that they wish to add.
the closing date to get everything in by is the 31st of october :)
feel free to convo me for more info of how to join in :) - artbymimi