Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Changes to LBOE Blog

hi guys, please dont panic. it's just a few changes to let you know about:

Because the magority of my main computor and it's link to the internet has finaly died (for 10 years old, it did well) and so i have to use a laptop which doent have anything on it to resize images etc. (appologies to those who's ads i couldn't resize due to this.)

Also the fact that because every programe i own run on xp and not vista makes it inposable to buy a computor at this moment in time, I am going to have to rescedual things alittle differently.

I am now going to keep ads up for a whole month and then have a change over. To make up for the long period I will like to feature around 25 free ads so if you wish to grab spot, please just let me know along with your 125x125 pixel image.

Also features will be featured on a weekly basis and not every few days. This way i hope it'll give the blog still a fresh look but without too much of struggeling on a laptop that im not very good at using.

Apologies for these changes but LBOE is still advertising etsy and you shops through the blog and LBOE it self. So please do not worry, LBOE is still going strong

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piccoladonna2006 said...

Sorry about your PC, I'm on a laptop too and I know the pain. Sorry not to see my ad on here...oh well!