Thursday, 21 August 2008

My Interview With CheyLoCreations

Myself and Background: My name is Chelsea, I am 22, married for three years to a wonderful man, Cody, and we have a spunky, sensitive little girl who turns one just yesturday (Aug. 20). Cheyenne is our second daughter, our first was stillborn in May 2006. I am a work form home mom, runnign CheyLoCreations and nannying, while Cody finishes school to be an elementary teacher.

My work and my shop: I started sewing when I was 8, so I now have over 12 years of experience. While I was learning, I would very rarely work from a pattern; I love to come up with my own ideas, my own flow for things. I have also always loved kids, so when our daughter was born, it was a natural choice to start sewing for her. Whenever I couldn't find the perfect product, I would make what I had in mind! I got so many compliments from other parents, that I decided to offer them to other parents who want to nurture their babies naturally.

When I openned my shop, I had paci keepers, a quilt, cloth wipes, and burp cloths, with plans to expand. Within a couple months I had added baby carriers and little lovies and had redone my burp cloths. I just added in nursing covers as well! It is a challenge to balance running teh administrative side of the shop, creating, doing arts and craft shows, as well as being a wife, a mother and a person! But I love it, all the crazy chaos is worth it because I get to do what I love and stay home with Cheyenne too!

Inspiration: My inspiration always comes from needing something for parenting Cheyenne. I generally don't like many of the products available commercially, and prefer to use my own designs. The Beeb Along came about because we are a devoted babywearing family. Cheyenne is very clingy and needs to be in our arms many hours a day; to maintain our sanity and the cleanliness of our home, we wear her! The paci keeper is something I swore I would never use (oh how much we know before we are parents...), but then Cheyenne decided to throw her sucker (her paci) on the the grocery...during cold season. She cried the rest of the trip because I was not about to give it back to her dirty; the next day I was at the raft store buying supplies to make them!

Latest Products: The Beeb Along Baby Carrier and CheyLoCreations Nursing Covers are my two newest products.
The Beeb Along is named after our daughter, who’s nickname is “beeb.” She comes along with us everywhere we go, and is a much happier baby when she has her “go time” (time in the carrier).

The Beeb Along is designed to be versatile with regards to wearers, babies, and carries. Extra long straps allow wearers of all sizes and shapes to wear their baby comfortably and safely. Super reinforced stitching means babies from newborn up to about 35 pounds can benefit from being worn and you can use the same carrier for your newborn and your two year old! The mei-tai style carrier (a body piece with four attached straps) means you can wear your baby on your front, your hip, or your back in two different positions!
Every Beeb Along ™ Baby Carrier is sold with a matching handmade tote bag, an instruction booklet, and a mesh laundry bag.

Nursing Covers: For the baby who loves to nurse, for the mom who is modest, but doesn’t want to miss out, for the older baby who is oh so distractable, for moms who want to nurture baby, and still be stylish...CheyLoCreations Nursing Covers are for you!
This nursing cover is generously sized at 25” by 36,” larger than most covers on the market, to ensure your privacy, even if your baby is no longer a baby!

Two coordinating prints are super stylish and lightweight, so baby can eat, not over heat! Adjustable neck straps and 15" rigid, peek-a-boo neckline allow you and baby to maintain eye contact while nursing.

Cover can also be used as a sun shade over the car seat or stroller, or a blanket in a pinch!

This two sided nursing cover and coordinating bag will make nursing your baby in comfort and privacy as easy as can be!

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