Saturday, 2 August 2008

Hayle Fest

Well...Sadly Yesturday was abit disapointing: Last year it was a constant flow of people but due to the rain over the last few days it put off the car booters setting up outside and so it didn't attract as many buyers as useal to come inside the markee. Also I heard the campers desided to go home the day before because of the down pours.
It was dry Friday which was great but unfortunatly i think the tourists that did stick the weather out must of gone down to the beach and so it was only the villagers or the few tourists that didn't want to go to the beach.
I did manage how ever to give away a few LBOEs BUT today i went to a big mannor house which was holding a food and craft fayre in their grounds. it was really buzzing!
They have been advertising it around the roads for miles around + lots of articles in the local papers. There was a constant flow of people coming in.
I didn't manage to join in this time round but I have heard that they are asking for stall holders at the end of the month so i might try on monday to grab a spot :)
If they advertise it as well as they did this time round, Im sure all the LBOEs2 will go to good homes.
Will let you know what happens a.s.a.p.

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