Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Add Space For Etsy Sellers

Add Space For Etsy Sellers Is Now Advalable! :D
If you wish me to addvertise for your etsy shop please let me know and i will add you for FREE!
Unfortunatly I can't advertise you all in this space but I plan to rotate it every week so everyone has a chance to have a spot light.
I plan to also do articles about different sellers in the future so please let me know if you are also intersted in this.
Thanks again for all the positative feedback and to everyone who wishies to take part with the second eddition (if the first goes well on Saturday).



Anonymous said...

I'd like to be part of the next one...this is so great of you and helps all of us. Let me know the next step. Hope you have fun a the Faire.

Love and Peace (really, I mean that),

MeemaMagic said...

I would love to have a free ad, just let me know what you need from me. I also to free Etsy mini showcases on my blog

Bevs Creations said...

I would be delighted to have you include my little store...this is nice of you and will help many. Blessings, Bev

Anonymous said...

I would love to have some free ad space!

My etsy address is


Liz said...

Mimi, I'd love to have a free ad too....

sallers said...

Hi, please add me to your free ad's

Keep up the good work spreading the etsy love!

J. Wysocki Arts said...

I would love to have an ad on your site as well. Thanks!!

J. Wysocki Arts said...

Oh, I forgot my shop name and address. it's

Thanks again. :-)

novelartsanddesigns said...

Please post me on your blog. Thank you so much.

Georgia Sakura said...

I would absolutely adore an ad on this awsome blog!How generous!:)
My etsy shop:
I just started to blog too, and I am holding a great little package giveway, so all of you ladies come on over to win!
Best of Wishes,
Georgia Sakura

artbymimi said...

great! :) i'll convo you guys on thursday when im changing all the adds around that night. so please keep an eye out