Friday, 16 May 2008

Tripping Over The Post - And Important News Etc.

Yep, that's right. lol opened up the door and my mum tripped over the post that was waiting to be added to the promo bags :)

I have got today:


And Fantastic lavanda pouches from: BlackRose1

Some GORGOUS cards from: meplusmolly

And last but not least, some fabulous cards from : gillboulter

Thank you guys for taking part and all of your really subportive letters (and gifts). I really hope that the promotion will bring you many many sales.

IMPORTANT, Members Please Read:

Due to etsy's scam detector having a hissy fit at my many replys to emails and letting everyone know what's happening, it's stoped me from convoing people :( It's a bit hurtful due to I am not a scammer and trying to help people on etsy for free. Please send me your email addys so I can note them down and then keep you updated with any changes etc.

Progress! :D :

I have ordered 20 bags from my friend who is great at her job. She will be making them out of really nice faberic, so I cant wait to see them when they're finished (i think maybe within the next few days.
Ive wrapped the promotional items in really nice paper so they'll be really professional looking (very posh ;) )

I hope to start putting together the books real soon so you can get the first viewing of Little Book Of Etsy very soon :)


cloudhopping said...

I think this is a fantastic idea, well done! Thanks for including all us UK Etsians!

Beat Black said...

excellent start to your blog!