Thursday, 22 May 2008

My First Interviewee! I Introduce MissKnits

Due to i want to advertise Etsy and it's sellers Ive been asking for volenteers to let me interview them.

Me first victem is MissKnits :)

M: Please you tell us about yourself and your back ground?

MK: about myself, Well i am 29 and live in saint louis, though i was born and raised in texas. I love family and they are extremely important to me. Family is one of the main reasons i moved here, to be closer to them. I come from a pretty crafty family. I began making things from a very early age. My grandmother taught me most of what i know today. From ceramics/pottery, painting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery, and most recently knitting and felting. Though the last two were more self taught. When i am not creating, i am thinking of what i can create next, and everything i see, i am thinking, hmmm how could i tweak this, or turn that into something. Making things is a part of who i am and it's what i love to do!

M: Can you tell us abit about your work and how did you start your etsy shop?

MK: I have always loved making things just to create, and to give to friends and family as gifts. I have been encouraged for years that i should try and sell my work. But never thought it was good enough, or knew how to even go about it. It was really an accident i happened apon etsy one day, and was immediatly in love with the site. After exploring it for some time, i thought wow, this could be a great way to venture into selling and just see if anyone likes my stuff enough to buy it. I figured, what have i got to lose! I was amazed to get sales the first week! But i have learned it takes a lot of work, and patience! Sales come and go and spurts for me. Which is ok! What i love the most is just making my items. And if i get a sale, then its all the merrier! I thought at first i would only list knitting items - hence the name! lol But i have found its fun to venture into different avenues and challenge myself into learning how to do different things. Now that winter is gone, i really had to come up with new and creative ways to design my work, into something people would want year round, seeing as scarves in the summer aren't exactly big sellers! lol So i started focusing more on making bags, and knitted and crocheted jewelry. I love combining fabulous fabrics with my knitting as well. I love colors, textures, and combining more than one medium. I'm still learning though, which is also what makes it fun.

M: What usealy sparks off an idea?

MK: Well almost anything really! I have never followed fads or trends. I have always just worn what i wanted to because i liked it, not because a magazine tells me i should. And that comes out i think in my items too. I really love to upcycle/recycle, and seeing old sweaters or jackets, i often think of what i can turn them into. Which is sometimes a challenge, but it's really exciting to see something old that someone would throw out, and turn it into something new that can be loved and used again. Or even this week, i was looking at my curtains in my living room and thinking they really need some kind of tie back. And i started thinking i could make them myself! Then i realized i could take the same technique almost and make really funky belts. So you never know where an idea will stem from! I never use any patterns, i always like to just create on a whim and see what i end up with!

M: Please tell us about your latest products.

MK: Well i kind of touched on some of my latest products earlier. I have really enjoyed experimenting ways of using yarn and material into making bags and purses. Its really fun to find contrasting designs, like my latest bag - the black white and red clutch. That was really an accident by the way! lol i didnt plan for it to look like that, but i love how it turned out! Same with the Peekabo Paisley Bag. I really had fun combing my knitting with fabrics. I think it gives the bag a unique feel, letting the inner fabric show on the outside as well. And my new Versatile Crocheted Belts that can also be Hair Ties or even layered necklace! Those to me were so fun to make. Beading the yarn is a bit trick sometimes, but i think they give it a little extra pizzazz. I am hoping to add more colors and styles in the future.

M:Thank you MissKnits for letting me interview you and may you have many many sales in your shop.

Please check out MissKnits' shop where she sells her eye catching and unique items :)


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Great interview!