Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Hello and Welcome

Hi there :)The Little Book of Etsy is a great way of reaching out to the UK buyers.I am currently involved with a small regular craft fayre every Friday and also throughout the year I will be getting involved with some major village and school fayres.

Cornwall is a very touristy place and so by giving this book away in the Cornish fayres, you'll be achulary reaching lots of buyers around the UK!

I have only been working on this since the 9th of May and I have got a very positive response!

So I thought I would set this blog up to keep a record of everyone involved and also to publise Etsy and it's sellers even more.

So thank you to all those who have been involved and please feel free to contact me or leave comments with any enquiries, comments, surjestions any thing that's really on your mind.62 heads are better than 1!

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