Thursday, 31 July 2008

DnJDichroicArtGlass Story:

You may have noticed there has been a slight gap in features lately but I have been working with people on something special:
I have been asking for people to share their stories behind Etsy and what Etsy has done for them and some of the responces has been brilliant!
I have chosen this story (and another which will hopefuly be put online in a few days time) because it tells people why Etsy is s brilliant in what it does and shows that people really do care about their shop and products.

DnJDichroicArt Glass has become an outlet for my need to still be me.

I am a stay at home mom to four beautiful daughters. Parenting is my first priority and full time job so putting my own personal needs and wants on the back burner has become a way of life. Creating has been a way to still be Deedee.

(My four daughters from youngest to oldest, Morgan 3, Hannah 5, Katelyn 8 and Tara 20. )

DnJDichroicArtGlass has become a way to use my creative side and express myself as well as be the best mom and teacher to my children that I can be. My girls are always with me and creating their own little pieces of art, through drawing, painting, creative play and self expression.. I’m always saying to my girls make it your own: it’s yours and it can be anything you want it to be in any style any color and any size.

Art is helping my children to build self esteem, hand eye coordination, thinking skills, problem solving skills and in general building a solid foundation for their future. I’ll always remember walking through the stores with my now three year old and she wasn’t noticing the toys per say but the colors and the shapes and the sparkle and shine of individual items as we pass by. My daughters watch me to take raw materials and turn it into a finished piece from start to finish and when they bring me something that they have completed instead of saying oh that’s nice, I like to say now can you tell me about this piece. It gives them the opportunity to then give as many or as few details about there work as they want with out me ever having to say, what is it?

And like my jewelry this allows all the pieces to fall nicely into place as we view the finished product for what it is. So first and foremost DnJDichroic Art Glass is my way of having an outlet to self expression and being a stay at home mom and being the best I can be in the world I live in. I’ve been a parent for over half of my life and have traveled through many stormy waters and calm seas as we all do, but when I lay my head to rest each night I know I have given my children the love they need and want, while still being me and hopefully bringing a smile to someone else face through a piece of jewelry I have made. Etsy offers me the opportunity in life to do what I love and be where I want to be. Thank you Etsy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mimi, Thanks so much for sharing my story!!! You amaze me by everything you do to promote fellow Etsy sellers. Thanks again and blessings. Deedee