Wednesday, 18 June 2008

My Interview With APunkinCardCompany

I am very excited to introduce ApunkinCardCompany, our first ever stationary interview!

Please you tell us about yourself and your back ground?

*Hehe, well my background! Wow, no one has ever asked that but I'll make it short-ish. My name is Amie Needham. I was born Amie Daniels in South Carolina, USA (actually Charleston). I am the oldest of seven kids! We moved to Louisiana for much of my older childhood, high school and such. I then left home and attended college at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana. I graduated with a BA in History and have done nothing with it to this day! I am married to a wonderful man named Sean and we currently live in Texas.

Can you tell us abit about your work and how did you start your etsy shop?

*My work is purely selfish! I know! I love paper. My obsession with paper started when I got married. I was looking for wedding invitations, when I noticed the prices were outrageous! (I then had no concept of prices!) So I decided to make my own. I thought, "How hard can this be?" Well it wasn't hard at all. I started making cards just as a hobby the it bloomed into the business I own today. I started selling on Etsy in February 2007, just on a whim. I knew I had to send out some of the cards I was making but I really was overloaded with extra cards. Then I got my first sale! Wow, that was so exciting. I continued making cards in my spare time. (Mostly late nights and weekends)Now that business has picked up, I am working at my Etsy shop full-time! I really love my job and wouldn't ask for anything more!

What usealy sparks off an idea?

* It could be anything! A magazine, pictures, or even looking out the window. I find most of my idea comes to me when I am being the silliest! Singing songs or goofing off with my pets. Then BAM!

Please tell us about your latest products;

*My newest line of stationery is really different from last years. I have really taken a step to the more modern approach of paper. Simple clean lines and bold patterns. I really like it. It's very refreshing and clean. Very easy to love. Plus, they all contain recycled materials which is great for the environment and actually makes the paper look more natural!

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Anonymous said...

Great interview! I'm discovering all kinds of new Etsy sellers through this blog!