Monday, 30 June 2008

My Interview With woahbunny!

woahbunny = Cool, funky and very creative. Just what Etsy is all about :)

Please you tell us about yourself and your back ground?

im only 20, a youngen you see, ive been studying illustration for the last 2 years and graphic design before that. i live in a poky 2 bedroom flat with my annoying younger brother who i look after, and follow him round with a can of air freshener (he stinks something rotten) im addicted to sugar free red bull and im know for being sarcastic but also for making people laugh.

Can you tell us abit about your work and how did you start your etsy shop?

my work is ment to be fun and eye catching, though my most of my illustration work is more sinister, at first its looks cute and sweet but look again and its usually about some hard hitting issues like domestic violence or child abuse. i like the contrast and the mixed emotions i get from people when they look at my work. they are all like ahh thats nice... woah wait a minute!!!

What usealy sparks off an idea?

i started my esty shop as a way of selling items from my exhibition. im only selling badges at the moment but im going to sell illustration prints and cute plushies that i have made. last week i made a foetus it is well cool.

Please tell us about your latest products:

My ideas usually come from doodling im a doodler, i cant help it. infact i have my notebook open right now with drawings of squids and rainbows on. i have a very child like imagination and i draw what ever im thinking about at the time.

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