Monday, 16 June 2008

My Interview With Untamed Menagerie

When i first came across UntamedMenagerie I was really excited that they were willing to be interviewed! I wanted to share this shop with you so much:

Please you tell us about yourself and your back ground?

Untamed Menagerie is a collection of the combined works of Penny and Nikki (mother and daughter). We live in East Tennessee, in a beautiful valley. Nikki is a pink-haired, chihuahua-loving, violinist. She is the crafter, photographer, and one woman customer service representative of Untamed Menagerie. In sharp contrast to Nikki, Penny has simple (though eclectic) tastes. She loves floral silhouettes, french fabrics, and her Maltese, Precious. Penny finds our materials, and ships orders. Together we work and sketch out new deign concepts.

Can you tell us abit about your work and how did you start your etsy shop?
Our silhouettes are cut mostly from wood and acrylics (plastic). We use a combination of scroll saws, rotary tools, and lasers to make whimsical art wearable! We decided to craft full-time after many years of unsatisfying day jobs (particularly a short venture in restaurant management). We discovered recently and thought it would be a great venue in addition to craft fairs and local boutiques.

What usealy sparks off an idea?

We are inspired by many different things. We love nature, anatomy, and vintage tattoos. We also like breathing life into older concepts and making the silhouette modern again. An idea usually starts while having a delicious cream cheese pastry and staring out the window into our backyard.

Please tell us about your latest products:

Our latest products are about making things you would never expect, but should! Like literal chandelier earrings (from our Lustre collection), and a necklace-necklace (from our Lola collection). We have many more designs coming soon!

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