Thursday, 5 June 2008

My Interview With FaniSong

Today I'm interviewing Fani who owns Fanisong. Fanisong is a great shop full of little gems, ideal for any occasion and eco friendly too!
Please check out Fani's shop at but please take a few moments to read her interview to have a glimse inside her world:

Please you tell us about yourself and your back ground?

My name is Fani, I design and make handmade jewelry. I was born and grew upin Indonesia, but now I am happily live in Greater Toronto Area(Mississauga exactly), Canada. I have always loved designing and creatingunique things since I was little, I am so lucky because I got a greatencouragement from my family especially my mom who's an artist herself. Ialso love travelling, experiment new things, exploring nature and takingpictures. My bachelor degree is in Food Science and my master degree is inBusiness - Finance. I used to have a career in a corporate world and havebeen making jewelry for over 10 years, before I founded FaniSong Jewelry in2007 to pursue my true passion in designing and making jewelry. So, here Iam an Etsy addict -:)

Can you tell us a bit about your work and how did you start your etsy shop?

About my work and how I start my Etsy shopMy dream is to creat artworks that inspire women to feel special andbeautiful, I believe in art's power to inspire emotion. My designs arelargely inspired by the artistic nature objects and the lure of the sea.I've been amazed with nature and its objects, it is there where I captureevery moment to get inspiration for my designs. My works are designed toexpress a free spirit that involves exploration of artistic nature objectsand unique style. I found Etsy about a year ago when I browsed internet to find out where tosell and to buy handmade things. The idea of the site itself is amazing,and there are soooo many artist with gorgeous artworks, and the artistcommunity is so awesome. I fall in love with Etsy ever since, and now I aman Etsy addict.

What usually sparks off an idea?

What usually spark off the ideaInspiration comes from anywhere at anytime.... When I close to nature, myinspiration flows and it lock off my mind. I doesn't have to go far faraway though doing 'big' activies (that's be great though), sometimes I justtake an hour or two walking in the woods, playing water in a small creekaround where I live, enjoying the sound of rattling leaves or winds,capturing moments with my camera. So for me, NATURE is my inspiration.

Please tell us about your latest products:

My latest work I just have launched a new collection ECO-friendly Glass Photo usingrecycled glass and nature photos mostly. This project is a great deal forme because I've been experimenting for a while to combine my passion injewelry, nature photography and environment friendly... and here "theECO-friendly Glass Photo" is borns. This collection has received a greatfeedback from the audience. As of now, I only have pendant for the collection, but I am working on the project for other items such as rings,earrings, as well as art wall. Stay tune...


ameninabrinca said...

How lovely! It was nice to meet another wonderful Etsy creator.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Beautiful pieces. Really unique. Aileen.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful works, unique... and ECO-friendly!!

Laura Bucci said...

Very nice work Fani.

FaniSong said...

Thank you for an opportunity to be part of THE LITTLE BOOK OF ETSY... it's been an honored.

Thank you for very kind comments and compliments.


Serendipity Crafts said...

Such beautiful work Fanisong! Thanks for sharing :)