Sunday, 1 June 2008

My Interview With Diffraction:

Diffraction is a totaly amazing shop full of wonder. After a few seconds into the interview I really wanted to run to her shop and purchase more that I could afford. Please visit to see for your self but please hold your self for a few more minutes to read this interview. Thank you

M:Please you tell us about yourself and your back ground?

D:I've been photographing people and places for years now. But only recently did I come up with the idea of transforming my photographs into wearable art. Thus Diffraction was born!

M:Can you tell us abit about your work and how did you start your etsy shop?

D:So all my photographic jewelry pieces incorporate original images I've shot over the years. Before starting my Etsy shop I experimented with a variety of different methods of transforming photographs into jewelry. Finally I stumbled across my current method. The photographs are transferred onto thick plastic which I can sand and shape as needed. I coat them in several layers of polyurethane to make them durable and give them a nice gloss like you'd find on a photograph. In all my pieces I strive for an end result of an item that is striking, and emotionally charged. It's hard to look at one of them without having an opinion.

M:What usealy sparks off an idea?

D:Oh man, where to begin? My mind wanders... a lot. My husband tells me I give him conversational whiplash sometimes because we'll be on one subject which triggers twelve other thoughts and all of a sudden we go from politics to the texture of fruit. Or something like that. It all makes sense in my head! So i guess what I'm saying is things just come to me. I always say some of my best ideas come to me when I'm in the shower because I just let my mind wander.

M:Please tell us about your latest products:

D:Well, the shop is pretty new, so they are all my latest products! But the newest of the new are my leaf jewelry which are photographed leaves, transferred onto plastic and the leaf's delicate patterns are then cut out. It really looks like you are wearing a leaf! I'm also very proud of my new rings. I see them as modern cameos. I've basically taken portrait shots of sculptures and created a modern photographic cameo out of them that I've set into these fantastic rings that have a delicate metal fringe to them. I think they are just beautiful!

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